How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview A Job Seeker’s Guide

How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview? A Job Seeker’s Guide

To begin with, how early should you arrive for a job interview?

You must show up for a job interview 15 minutes early unless the hiring manager specifically requests that you do so. Prior to their interview, some applicants might use the 15 minutes to review their resumes, finish any necessary paperwork, or mentally prepare.

To let the hiring manager know you are available, you can also let the office assistant or receptionist know when you arrive. The hiring manager will be able to greet you, review your resume prior to meeting with you, or if they’d like, start the interview early.

Please continue reading for more information about how early you should show up for a job interview.

When Attending An Interview, Should You Arrive Early?

Yes, the hiring manager will appreciate your efforts if you arrive a little early. Being early is always preferable to being late because it demonstrates your dependability and professionalism.

Here is a breakdown with some important conclusions for quick reference.

Is 10 Minutes Too Early For A Job Interview?

No, everything is fine. Especially if the office is not too big and you are aware of your exact location when you arrive.

Is 15 Minutes Too Soon For A Job Interview?

No, showing up for a job interview 15 minutes early is thought to be the ideal. You’ll have enough time to be greeted and led into a meeting room.

Is 20 Minutes Early For A Job Interview Acceptable?

If the workplace is housed in a sizable corporate structure, the answer is no. If the building is not very large and there is no available lobby where guests can wait in comfort, it might be a little too early.

How about 30 Minutes Before The Interview Start Time

In any situation, this could be viewed as being far too early. Furthermore, it speaks poorly of your time management abilities. Avoid arriving so early. In the event that you are close to the location of the interview, either wait in your car or locate a bench that is open to the public.

Why Is Being Early For A Job Interview Important?

It’s crucial to arrive early because doing so can help you perform better in the interview and land the job you want. If you arrive early enough, you might also have time to use the restroom, get a drink of water, and register with the office manager or receptionist before your interview. Additionally, getting there early gives you time to finish any paperwork the employer might need, like candidate screening documents, before the scheduled interview time.

If you have extra time before the interview, you can also practice relaxing techniques like deep breathing or visualization. Being at ease before your interview may help you respond to questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, which may help you stand out as a candidate. The ability to unwind prior to your interview may also boost your confidence, which can help you persuade the hiring manager that you have the qualifications necessary to succeed in the role.

How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview A Job Seeker’s Guide
How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview? A Job Seeker’s Guide

Why Arriving Too Early Leaves A Bad Impression?

It can cause problems for your interviewers if you arrive more than 15 minutes early, which will make them less prepared to deal with you.

If you arrive too early, the hiring team, which is wrapping up other meetings, will feel rushed, and the interviewing team will become anxious and on edge, wondering, “Why is she here so early?”

People may become confused if you show up an hour early for the interview. It may be an indication that someone is both desperate and extremely eager.

The benefit of arriving too early is that you will have more time in the lobby to relax and find your bearings before checking in at the front desk or entering the office. Additionally, it is a simpler issue than having to inform your interviewer that you will be running late.

I would still choose to be five minutes early over thirty minutes late.

How To Do If Arrive Too Early For The Interview

If you arrive for your job interview more than 25 to 30 minutes early, avoid going outside if it’s pleasant outside. Just go for a short stroll nearby or sit on any seat or bench that is set aside for the general public.

Going For A Walk But Stay Close

On the other hand, if you show up much earlier than expected, say an hour early, you can just take a walk or go to a nearby coffee shop to kill time by fixing and visualizing.

Entering The Building If It Starts To Rain

However, if you are nearby and it suddenly begins to rain, I mean like a torrential pouring, then by all means, don’t wait outside and just go to the office. You are permitted to arrive early in this situation.

Going Over Your Interview Notes

If you think it will help you prepare better, pass the time by reviewing your notes and imagining how the interview will go.

Visualizing How The Interview Will Go

I believe that visualization is the ideal mental exercise that can help you ace the interview and land the job. I use it frequently. See more about How To Summarize An Interview?

If You’re Requested To Arrive Early, When To Arrive?

You should consider the hiring manager’s request to arrive early as a change to the time of your interview and prepare accordingly. For instance, if your interview is set for 2 p.m. but the hiring manager asks you to arrive 15 minutes early, your new interview time would be 1:45 p.m. You could schedule a 1:30 p.m. arrival to get there 15 minutes prior to your revised interview time.

To complete paperwork and give the office staff enough time to enter your information into their system prior to your interview, a hiring manager might ask you to arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. You might be required to complete background check authorizations, candidate surveys, or employee eligibility forms, depending on the position for which you’re applying. Remember to bring a photo ID like a driver’s license to every job interview because these forms might ask you for proof of identification.

How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview A Job Seeker’s Guide
How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview? A Job Seeker’s Guide

Arrive At The Perfect Time For A Job Interview

Let’s discuss strategies to guarantee you arrive within that ideal timeframe now that you are aware of how early you should be for your job interview.

The absolute best time of day or day of the week to schedule an interview is not universally agreed upon.

Stick to what you know about your schedule and stop worrying about whether Monday morning or Friday afternoon will give you the best chance to make a good impression. Whenever you can, is the ideal time to conduct interviews.

A dress rehearsal on the interview day might be a good idea if you have the chance. So that you are familiar with the route and can plan your travel time effectively, commute to the office location at the same time of day as your interview. If that isn’t an option, use Google Maps and Waze to plan your commute and account for any traffic or travel delays that have been reported. When in doubt, allow an additional 30 minutes to avoid arriving late because of an unforeseen problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Being Early For The Interview?

  • Shows the hiring manager you are prepared and excited
  • enables you to be ready for any difficulties (getting lost, needing to check in, etc.).)
  • Eliminates any extra stress

How Early Should I Arrive For Video (Zoom) Interviews?

Make an effort to arrive at least five minutes early for video interviews conducted via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Having time to check that there are no technical issues to fix before the interview starts allows you to be prepared.

Is It Rude Arriving Early For A Job Interview?

No, it is not rude to arrive early for an interview. Most employers value this over a candidate who shows up late for the interview.

Avoid getting there too early, though. The hiring manager might feel uneasy after waiting for an hour or more.

How to Ask for Interview Time?

When you say to him that you’d like to speak with him about the job, be respectful and sincere in your tone. Gauge the recruiter’s reaction and, if possible, ask when interviews are being scheduled. Once you have his attention, let him know that you can be reached at a time that is most convenient for the business.

Final Words

What time should you arrive at a job interview then?

There is such a thing as arriving at an interview too early. Even though it’s not the worst interview error you could make, arriving early for an interview is a common blunder you can easily avoid. The last thing you want to do, I understand, is underestimating the time it will take you to commute to work and show up late for the interview. However, showing up early for a job interview won’t help a candidate’s case with the employer either.

Really, I appreciate your reading. Have a nice day!

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