Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services In 2022 (Updated)

29 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services In 2023 (Updated)

What are the best paying jobs in consumer services?

Customers and consumers are two words that are frequently used synonymously. Consumers are those who use products, and customers are those who make purchases of products. A person can be both a consumer and a customer at once.

Even though the two definitions are similar, they are not exactly the same. To put it plainly, a customer can be any type of company that has the ability to resell the product to the final user. However, we’ll refer to them collectively in this article.

Customer service is a sizable industry with one of the fastest rates of growth. You can choose from a variety of career paths. Tech support and receptionist are two of the most popular occupations.

You should be aware that there are numerous other lucrative positions in the hospitality, transportation, entertainment, and tech industries.

The list of consumer services jobs with the highest salaries can be found below.

Best Paying Customer Service Jobs

Contact Center Manager

Salary: $50,000-$78,500 per year

A contact center manager is in charge of a group of support personnel who respond to inquiries from clients via phone, email, and online chat. In this line of work, you frequently supervise several levels of technicians, ranging from junior to senior staff members. You are responsible for recruiting and training staff, facilitating ongoing training for the product line, and maintaining regular contact with your team to discuss updates and quality problems. Other responsibilities include standard management tasks like planning, supervising, and upholding the group’s morale.

Private Client Advisor

Salary: $42,500-$78,000 per year

On behalf of a banking organization or investment firm, a private client advisor is a financial expert who deals directly with clients. Your responsibilities as a private client advisor will likely include managing intricate asset portfolios, identifying strategies and services beneficial to clients’ wealth management, and making sure that all financial transactions are conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a closely related field, as well as several years of experience working in a financial institution, preferably in an advisory capacity, are typically requirements for a career as a private client advisor. Being able to establish strong working relationships with clients is essential for developing large client networks, so having strong interpersonal and communication skills is a requirement.

CRM Coordinator

Salary: $35,500-$75,500 per year

CRM stands for customer relationship management. For the company’s benefit, a CRM coordinator handles client inquiries and grievances. Typically, they collaborate closely with the sales team to build rapport with both potential and existing clients and to address any issues or concerns that clients may have. The minimum requirements for a CRM coordinator position are a high school diploma and previous customer service experience. Some employers might favor applicants who have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree and experience using CRM software programs like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Service Manager

Salary: $43,500-$70,500 per year

A position in a wide range of industries is given the general title of “service manager.” As it’s an all-encompassing term, duties differ greatly from position to position. All service manager positions, however, require you to focus on making sure the services your business provides are operating efficiently. This entails working in tandem with a group of service personnel to guarantee that their efforts uphold the standards established by the business and the sector. This may call for more than just basic customer service in sectors like healthcare where your staff must also adhere to legal requirements. Since you are accountable for the performance of the entire department and not just one particular shift, management positions may necessitate overtime, particularly in industries that use shift workers. Every job has a different set of prerequisites and requirements. All service managers, however, need to be well-organized, able to delegate when necessary and possess excellent communication skills.

Registered Client Associate

Salary: $51,500-$70,000 per year

A registered client associate works to attract and keep customers for a bank or other financial institution. Your responsibilities as a client associate center on interacting with clients to guarantee their satisfaction. This entails establishing their accounts and communicating their progress to a friend or financial advisor. You play a key role in these accounts’ client service, leaving the investment part to those with more extensive wealth management backgrounds. Additionally to supporting sales, helping with social media marketing initiatives, and educating customers on new account services, registered client associates may hold certain positions.

Call Center Manager

Salary: $43,500-$68,000 per year

You must make sure the call center functions as efficiently as possible in your capacity as manager. Your responsibilities include managing a call center team to make sure they operate profitably and efficiently, coaching new call center hires on how to use the phone and computer systems, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date call logs. Additionally, you perform spot checks on each employee to make sure they are adhering to procedures and scripts and offering exceptional customer service. Administrative tasks like scheduling and filing reports are what you do.

Relationship Manager

Salary: $41,500-$68,000 per year

In order to ensure that customers are happy with the service or goods they receive, relationship managers for businesses specialize in managing client relationships. As a relationship manager, you are responsible for offering customer service, responding to client inquiries, cultivating new client relationships, and serving as an advisor on service and product options. You might work for the business as a salesperson and a liaison. Relationship manager jobs are available in many different industries and fields, including financial management and investing.

Bank Teller

Salary: $30,639 per year

Customers can get assistance from bank tellers at banks and credit unions with a variety of banking-related services. At a bank, they are frequently the first employees to engage with customers.

Verifying customer bank accounts and handling their requests for money withdrawals and deposits are among a bank teller’s primary responsibilities. Customers must be made aware of any problems with their accounts and other bank services, per regulatory requirements. According to the customer’s request, bank tellers may also handle money orders, checks, and currency exchanges.

A bank teller must monitor their cash balance carefully throughout their entire shift.

Other responsibilities include –

  • Payment collection
  • Resolving customer issues
  • Other administrative and processing works
  • Recommending bank’s other services/products to customers

Medical Receptionist

Salary: $36,804 per year ($15.81/hour)

In the US, a medical receptionist makes an average salary of $36,741 per year. More seasoned experts in this field can make more than $40,000 a year.

A medical receptionist’s primary responsibility is to serve as a go-between for patients and physicians or other medical specialists. As a medical receptionist, your responsibilities also include processing payments, assisting new patients with paperwork, and scheduling and managing patient appointments.

Some of the key responsibilities of a medical receptionist are –

  • Greeting patients with a positive attitude
  • Providing necessary information to patients, answering their doubts and questions
  • Manage patient appointments, records, and treatment data effectively while putting a strong emphasis on client satisfaction.
  • Coordinating with healthcare providers
  • Verifying and filing for third-party medical claims
Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services
Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

Flight Attendant

Salary: Between $64,446 – $99,544 per year

The safety of airline customers and crew is a flight attendant’s top priority. They monitor adherence to aviation safety regulations and deal with any emergencies that may arise during the flight.

The position of flight attendant is demanding and meticulous. On-duty flight attendants are required to complete an emergency checklist prior to each takeoff that includes onboard safety supplies like fire extinguishers, oxygen masks, and life vests.

In order to diffuse any panic situations that might arise during the flight or attempt to calm a belligerent passenger, flight attendants must also possess excellent communication skills.

Technical Support Representative

Salary: $57,557 per year ($20/hour)

The responsibility for remotely offering customers technical support falls to a technical support representative or tech support. In other words, tech support tries to address any IT-related problems you might experience when using software or any other tech product.

As we rely more on new technologies to get through our daily lives, tech support specialists play a role that is becoming more and more crucial. The demand for skilled technical support is growing, but the job is also very demanding.

The technical support team helps customers with a wide range of technical issues, from account setup to network configuration and any product- or service-related questions.

You can pursue a career in technical support, just like in any other field, and eventually, advance to senior tech support engineer and other supervisory positions. You can take on the more complex duties of a network controller or IT project manager after gaining the necessary experience as tech support.


Salary: $42,928 a year ($15.89/hour)

‘A professional who can help you with almost every aspect of your lifestyle is known as a concierge. They could be considered personal assistants.

A concierge is typically an employee of a hotel or other hospitality provider who makes sure you have a positive travel experience. But due to rising demand, these services have recently been offered in additional industries.

The following lists a few of the most well-known concierge services.

  • A hotel concierge helps hotel guests in a number of ways to make their stay enjoyable and hassle-free. They handle almost all of the visitors’ travel requirements, from transportation to dining and entertainment reservations. They might also recommend other points of interest and nearby attractions.
  • Travel Concierge: A travel concierge handles all aspects of your travel planning and itinerary, including transportation, hotel accommodations, and any additional travel arrangements you may need (such as reservations at nearby restaurants and tourist attractions). They provide both tour guide and travel agent services.
  • Concierge medicine is a retainer-based medical practice that gives paid members access to privileged and individualized medical care. You can schedule same-day appointments without concern for copayments and have unrestricted access to the doctor’s office for a monthly fee.
  • Shopping Concierge: A personal shopper who can assist you with all of your shopping needs is referred to as a shopping concierge. A personal shopper can assist you in finding hard-to-find items or in negotiating great prices on items you want. The services of a shopping concierge are also available online.
  • A lifestyle concierge can help you balance your work and personal lives by taking care of all your necessities on a daily basis. For help with a variety of personal tasks, such as making reservations for meals or running errands, you can hire a lifestyle concierge. They operate similarly to a personal assistant who organizes your daily schedule.

Bank Teller

Salary:  $26,000 to $41,000
The face of a bank is its teller staff. They are in charge of managing client transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, check cashing, and loan issuance. In addition to being adept with money, bank tellers need to provide exceptional customer service.

A high school diploma or its equivalent is typically required for bank tellers. However, certain banks might demand postsecondary training, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field.

Account Coordinator

Salary:  $38,000 to $71,000
You’ll be in charge of overseeing customer relations in your capacity as an account coordinator. This includes answering questions, resolving issues, and assisting clients.

Account coordinators frequently interact with clients on a regular basis and work in offices. As a result, they must be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. They must also be able to prioritize their workload while juggling multiple tasks.

Flight Attendant

Salary: $26,000 to $61,000
The most exciting jobs in customer service are those of flight attendants. Along with helping with meal and drink service, they make sure that passengers are seated and belted incorrectly. Although they frequently work for airlines, flight attendants may also work for a private jet company or a charter company.

Medical Receptionist

Salary: $34,000 to $41,000
At a medical facility, medical receptionists are the patients’ initial point of contact. They are in charge of welcoming patients, making appointments, and responding to customer service requests. Medical receptionists need to be able to multitask in a busy setting and provide excellent customer service. If they have training or experience, medical receptionists can anticipate a higher salary.

Vice President Of Customer Service

Salary:  $95,000-$185,000 per year

Your duties and responsibilities as a vice president of customer service include supervising and managing the day-to-day operations of a company’s customer service or support department. Along with setting short- and long-term objectives for the business, you are also responsible for determining how your department can enhance customer relationships, satisfaction, and the speed at which the company responds to problems. You recruit new department employees, manage their training, conduct performance evaluations, review customer service feedback, and work to develop and enhance your department’s customer service policies and practices.

Customer Success Director

Salary: $97,500-$139,000 per year

A customer success director is in charge of a group of experts whose job it is to handle interactions with their clientele in order to maintain their growth and retention. As a director, you are responsible for managing clients and creating initiatives and campaigns to find marketing and revenue-generating opportunities. You collaborate proactively with your team to boost business productivity and maximize the use of its goods and services. As part of your responsibilities, you must also troubleshoot any delivery and efficiency issues as well as train both your staff and customers.

Business Banking Relationship Manager

Salary: $90,000-$129,500 per year

An employee of a bank is in charge of cultivating relationships with business clients. Your responsibilities as a manager of business banking relationships will involve finding new companies to develop banking relationships with, assisting current business clients to increase the financial services they utilize, and ensuring that goods and services satisfy clients’ needs. A bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or a closely related field is typically required for the position, along with prior experience in a related position. In order to prove your expertise and improve your employment prospects, you can also pursue banking certifications. Advanced banking product knowledge, as well as superior interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, are additional requirements. See more about Best Paying Jobs In Broadcasting

Customer Experience Strategist

Salary: $44,000-$128,500 per year

Your responsibility as a customer engagement analyst is to transform marketing data into insightful information that will benefit your company. You’re responsible for conducting an analysis of the data to better understand the client, creating a report for other departments within the business, and offering suggestions for product development. The objective of your research is to learn more about typical consumers, support brand awareness, and use a variety of techniques and strategies to better comprehend the audience. Providing others with useful information, such as the ideal demographics for targeted advertising, is the most crucial aspect of your responsibilities.

Call Center Director

Salary: $75,000-$121,500 per year

Directors of call centers are in charge of running a distant customer service facility. Your responsibilities in this position include overseeing the performance of the entire call center staff in accordance with the company’s production standards. You recruit fresh call center staff, evaluate the effectiveness of current workers, and schedule professional development and training programs. You might also be in charge of choosing communication tools and software for call center operations, as well as creating operational strategies and business policies, depending on the organization. Additional responsibilities include resource allocation, client or outside service provider coordination, and budget management for the call center.

Avaya Engineer

Salary: $86,000-$120,500 per year

The voice over IP (VoIP) technology, phone systems, system administration, and other technical tools are among the unified communications solutions that Avaya, a multinational software and telecommunications company, develops and markets. The Avaya company or a business that uses the software may employ Avaya engineers. In this position, you create a central system based on the requirements for internal and external communication at your company. This might entail establishing an internal call center, a network of distant answering services, or a combination of the two. After the design is approved, you supervise the system’s installation and might be in charge of regular upkeep and repairs to make sure it keeps functioning properly.

Dealer Relationship Manager

Salary: $60,000-$102,500 per year

An auto wholesaler or company is represented by a dealer relationship manager. As a dealer relationship manager, you develop positive working relationships with dealerships in your territory or region and promote indirect loans and other tools for consumers to finance the purchase of a vehicle. Maintaining open lines of communication between the manufacturer, the sales department, and the managers of the dealerships is one of your responsibilities, as is evaluating the sales performance of various dealerships within your territory. You provide information about new financial products to salespeople and the finance department, as well as make sure they abide by all corporate and legal regulations.

Business Relationship Manager

Salary: $44,500-$100,000 per year

In order to create positive business value, a business relationship manager works to remove barriers between various company departments and functions. As a business relationship manager, you are responsible for serving as a point of contact between teams and departments, assisting in the development of value plans and idea documents, and ensuring value optimization. At least a bachelor’s degree in business administration (MBA) or a closely related field, as well as significant work experience, are typical requirements for the career. A master’s degree may be necessary for some employers. Additionally, you must possess strong leadership, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills.

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services In 2022 (Updated)
Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services In 2022 (Updated)

Client Solutions Manager

Salary: $45,500-$91,500 per year

To ensure client satisfaction and business expansion, a client solutions manager manages interactions with clients. Working cooperatively with clients to create business opportunities is one of the responsibilities of a client solutions manager. Other responsibilities include building and maintaining client relationships through project management and communication, and making sure clients receive high-quality service from internal teams. Creating and presenting business reviews and working with contracts are additional options. The required education for the position varies by industry, but a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a closely related field is typically required, as well as previous client services experience. Along with a keen eye for detail and analytical prowess, it is also imperative to have strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.

CRM Consultant

Salary: $56,500-$88,500 per year

An expert in CRM consults with businesses to enhance customer relations. Working with vendors, developing sales leads, suggesting technology changes, and troubleshooting technical problems are all possible job duties. A CRM consultant should be knowledgeable about current technology, including CRM software, and have experience managing relationships. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are two CRM software examples. As part of the CRM implementation, they frequently offer training.

HVAC Service Manager

Salary: $60,000-$86,000 per year

One of the responsibilities of an HVAC service manager is to oversee customer accounts, coach new hires, instruct service technicians, and manage a staff of workers in general. In this position, you might choose which equipment to offer, handle customer issues relating to warranties, manage a budget, collaborate with other departments, keep staffing levels at a certain level, make sure safety regulations are followed, and keep an eye on employee performance. The approval of labor and material quotes for customers is another duty of HVAC service managers, particularly when the quotes are higher than usual for the business. Due to the position’s numerous responsibilities, multitasking, task prioritization, and work delegation are frequently required.

Customer Engagement Manager

Salary: $41,000-$82,500 per year

As a customer engagement manager, you are responsible for a variety of client-related tasks, such as marketing and sales development as well as offering technical assistance to sales teams. You directly consult with clients to ascertain the project’s objectives, then create and carry out a plan to achieve those objectives. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a closely related field is typically required for a career as a customer engagement manager, as well as several years of prior work experience in customer engagement or sales projects. You will stand out from the competition if you possess strong leadership qualities and excellent oral and written communication abilities.

Customer Success Manager

Salary: $50,000-$79,000 per year

The main point of contact for customers of businesses that offer online sales and services is a customer success manager. Onboarding new customers, maintaining customer relationships, and giving your clients value are all part of your job description as a customer success manager. Additionally, opening new accounts, responding to client inquiries, educating clients on goods and services, and using data analysis to create solutions are all responsibilities of your job. You might be in charge of all customer relations, or you might have a specific caseload of client accounts, depending on the size and scope of the business.

Other Fastest-growing Profession In The Customer Services Industry

Social Media Customer Care Associate

Salary: $47,321

Companies and organizations are searching for a specialized workforce who can manage their online presence due to social media’s expanding influence and impact. A social media customer service representative can help in this situation.

The responsibility of a social media customer care associate is to oversee a company’s or organization’s social media presence. These experts are needed to manage the company’s social media accounts as well as respond to issues and questions on various online forums.

The median pay for a social media customer care associate in the US is $47,321, according to

Member Services Representative

Salary: $36,490

An organization or business’s membership-related issues are handled by a member service representative, a specialized member of the customer service team. They have the responsibility of paying attention to members’ (or potential members’) needs and concerns.

Those in charge of member services must answer any questions about payments and resolve any issues with membership fees and policies.

Additionally, these experts might cross-sell to current customers. Member services representatives also have another significant responsibility., include documentation of membership records.

Implementation Specialist

Salary: $71,821 per year

Following a sale, implementation specialists assist clients with using products and services. Their primary responsibility is to guarantee that the purchased item satisfies the technical specifications of the customer.

Working closely with clients and customers, an implementation specialist is needed to modify the software as needed. They might also aid clients in installing software.

For this career to succeed, you must have excellent communication skills, cutting-edge technical knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the company’s products. Implementation specialists make $65,776 on average per year in base pay. See more about Best Jobs In The U.S. Army

What Qualifications Are Needed For Jobs In Customer Service?

To succeed in the customer services role, just like other occupations in other industries, you’ll need a particular skill set and area of specialization. In customer service, you must spend the majority of your time interacting with clients or customers, whether virtually or in person, listening to their problems, and resolving them.

To be precise, people who are excellent communicators and organizers can succeed in this field. Many of these abilities are learnable through on-the-job training.

Some of the most important skills and abilities required for consumer services jobs include –

  • Active listening
  • Verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Patience

How To Find The Best Paying Customer Services Jobs

One thing to keep in mind is that customer service job titles (much like customer service roles, as the corporate landscape changes and becomes more digital) are frequently in flux. Previously, you would have a customer service agent and possibly a manager. Currently, the term “Customer Service” may appear next to up to 30 different job titles on job search websites.”

The highest-paying customer service positions, according to a recent study, either remixed the term “customer service representative” or used terminology that was a little less conventional (like “experience associate” or “service advisor”). The reasoning behind this is that positions that appear to require more training or experience—even if the duties are essentially the same as those of a more traditional “customer service representative”—might not draw as many applicants, giving the impression that the job market is competitive and pushing up salaries.

In the long run, these seemingly minor differences can have a significant impact. Even though the hourly wage difference between a customer service representative and a customer experience associate is only $2 on average per hour, it equates to $80 in a 40-hour work week and $5,000 in a typical year.

In general, positions with job titles that imply a more complex job function will likely earn more money and be less likely to be entry-level positions. Even though the skill and experience requirements were roughly the same across all job titles, a survey found that there was an average 35% difference in pay for customer service jobs.
The typical “customer service representative” terminology will be used for the majority of the positions you’ll come across, but the distinguishing element is frequently one or two words that denote more in-depth knowledge or specialized abilities. For instance, the position of “bilingual customer service representative” on the list necessitates a specialized skill set and may come with higher pay depending on the state of the bilingual rep market at the time.

Thesaurus is therefore your friend as you look for the ideal customer service position. To see what else appears in your search results, try experimenting with synonyms. If you’re looking for search results that are more sophisticated, words like “experience,” “engagement,” and “advisor” are good places to start.

Landing A Best Paying Customer Service Job In 2022

Expanding your job vocabulary is the best way to start looking for the more lucrative opportunities if you want to accelerate your customer service job search. Although it might not seem like a big deal right now, it could have a significant impact on your career and earnings in the future.

Make sure to highlight significant character traits as they relate to you and the positions you’re seeking on your resume if you want to ensure that it stands out in 2022. By mentioning them on your resume, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition as employers search for candidates who are aware of the requirements of the position. 

Remember that TheJobNetwork can aid in your search for the job of your dreams! Visit our job board for the most recent listings of new and trending positions, and browse our Career Toolbox for additional resume writing advice.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

A career in consumer services is unquestionably a good choice. People with strong communication and interpersonal skills can succeed in these fields. Although you can absolutely work in the customer service sector for the rest of your career, you can also use it as a stepping stone.

One of the best things about these jobs is the transferable skills you develop while working, such as emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, cooperation, and sales experience. You can easily switch careers and advance in new fields with the aid of these priceless skills.

Last but not least, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’ve already made the decision to work in customer service.

An industry that moves quickly is consumer services, to start. You’ll have to be able to think quickly and communicate effectively to diffuse tense situations. Last but not least, in order to effectively serve customers, you’ll also need to be skilled in technical abilities.

Final Words

People require more assistance in the fast-paced world of today. One such instance is that things are constantly breaking down. As a result, more people are using services for home appliances and household maintenance repairs. Additionally, there are a number of places where help is required. Insuring oneself, paying taxes, filing for insurance, reserving hotel rooms, and more are examples.

As a result, the field of consumer services keeps expanding. You may want to board this ship if you’re interested in changing careers. In fact, the majority of the highest-paying positions are in the consumer services sector. 

 What are considered the best paying jobs in consumer services? Do you have a quick review?

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