Best Jobs In The U.S. Army 17 Highest Paying Jobs

Best Jobs In The U.S. Army In 2022: 17 Highest Paying Jobs

There are over 100 different job opportunities and competitive retirement benefits for those who join the US Army, making it a rewarding career choice.

But what if you decide against a career in the military? What if you only want to serve for a few years before leaving? After that, what professions are open?

What are the best jobs in the Army? The post will give 17 highest paying jobs.

The best jobs in the Army contain recruiter, combat medic, human resources specialist, explosive ordnance disposal, diver, public affairs specialist, wheeled vehicle mechanic, human resources specialist, geospatial, intelligence imagery analyst, explosive ordnance disposal specialist…

I’ll give you more specific details about the best jobs in the army.

Best Jobs In The U.S. Army

Recruiter – Average Pay: $41,089 

An American’s main responsibilities In order to gather qualified candidates for U.S. military service, Army recruiters are responsible for contacting, interviewing, and counseling civilians. Establishing contacts in the community to share information about military education and employment opportunities, displaying and disseminating marketing materials, conducting interviews with candidates who are interested in joining the military, and carrying out evaluation and testing for potential recruits are some of their main duties. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

Combat Medic – Average Pay: $42,537 

A combat medic specialist’s primary responsibilities include providing on-the-spot emergency medical care, health protection, and evacuation. They’re given the responsibility of treating soldiers in combat zones while they deploy with combat units. Their main responsibilities include providing emergency medical care, supporting outpatient and inpatient care, setting up patients, operating rooms, and surgical supplies, as well as giving shots and managing medications.

They might conduct patient interviews and record their medical histories in addition to preparing blood samples for laboratory analysis. Additionally, medics are frequently asked to provide intravenous (IV) treatments to soldiers in the field who have become dehydrated from prolonged exercise or movement. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

Human Resources Specialist – Average Pay: $45,045

A human resources (HR) specialist’s main obligations are to assist soldiers in strengthening their American citizenship, which is also one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army. They assist with all HR support issues, supervise strength management and distribution activities, monitor all soldiers’ readiness, health, and welfare, and maintain emergency notification data.

They draft orders and requests for orders, keep track of offers made to enlisted soldiers in personnel files, and process soldiers for separation and retirement. Additionally, they handle applications for OCS, warrant officer flight training, and other specialized training as well as recommendations for awards and decorations.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal – Average Pay: $46,897 

Unexploded ordnance, such as chemical, biological, or nuclear ordnance, as well as improvised explosive devices (IEDs), must be handled carefully and disposed of by an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialist.

In addition to properly disposing of explosives and bombs, EOD specialists are in charge of gathering information about explosives and IEDs, helping to set up and run emergency contamination control and decontamination stations, and maintaining the tools, equipment, and vehicles they use on the job.

Diver – Average Pay: $53,765 

As one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army, The main responsibilities of U.S. Army divers, who are qualified engineers, are demolition and salvage work. In addition to inspecting and cleaning hulls and propellers, they are also in charge of salvaging equipment from sunken vessels, patching up damaged hulls, keeping the water clear, and assisting with underwater pier and harbor facility construction.

Additionally, they search for underwater objects in rivers, harbors, and beaches. They either specialize in deep sea diving or scuba diving, which allows them to stay underwater for longer periods of time and at depths of up to 190 feet.

Public Affairs Specialist – Average Pay: $54,613 

The primary responsibilities of a public affairs specialist are to assist in the administration and supervision of public affairs programs. Their main responsibilities include creating and disseminating press releases, web content, and photos, coming up with story ideas, writing press releases, and leading media training sessions.

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic – Average Pay: $41,039

Without a doubt, this is among the army’s coolest jobs! Additionally, it will give you a valuable set of abilities for everyday life in the civilian world.

The Army uses wheeled vehicles for almost all of its missions. You will have to keep the troops moving as the mechanic.

Human Resources Specialist – Average Pay: $43,090

An army career as an HR specialist may be a good fit for you if you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

You’ll look after personnel files, handle award nominations, and carry out other hiring and career-related duties.

If you want a job where you won’t need to use your hands, this is a great choice. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

After leaving the Army, you’ll not only be qualified for a position in human resources, but you’ll also have gained important soft skills that will help you in just about any career.

Best Jobs In The U.S. Army
Best Jobs In The U.S. Army

Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst – Average Pay: $45,641

Consider working as a geospatial intelligence imagery analyst if you want to earn a sign-on bonus of about $7,000 ( and a comfortable salary on top of that.

From satellite and aerial photography, you’ll be expected to draw conclusions and conduct analyses.

For a history major who wants to investigate the connection between significant historical occurrences and the Earth’s surface, this might be an interesting job.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist – Average Pay: $46,517

It is your responsibility as an expert in the handling and disposal of explosive ordnance, including IEDs, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.

Additionally, you might be responsible for organizing and running decontamination and contamination control stations during an emergency. The tools and equipment you use to complete these tasks will also need to be prepared and maintained by you.

If this sounds appealing to you, consider reading through this list of job search advice to increase your chances of success. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

Psychological Operations – Average Pay: $47,220

The duties of a psychological operations specialist also referred to as a PsyOp, include determining the information requirements of a group and developing messaging that will appeal to a specific target audience.

You could review or conduct research on techniques for influencing populations abroad. In both peace and war, you might also travel extensively to assist both the American government and other governments.

Army Medic – Average Pay: $47,223

You’ll help with evacuation as an Army medic or combat medic while also providing emergency medical care.

Given that this position will be in a combat area, it will be stressful. However, you might also provide support for inpatient and outpatient care in medical facilities and surgical settings.

Additionally, it is a highly lucrative Air Force position as one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

As you might anticipate, this army job will give you important skills that you can use in practically any medical setting after leaving the Army. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

Technical Engineer – Average Pay: $47,901

You’ll probably discover that the skills you develop in this position translate well to any civilian position in the construction industry if you decide to work as a technical engineer in the army.

You’ll survey, research, and create plans for construction projects, just like you might as a foreman or architect in the real world.

In addition to using computer programs to create blueprints, you may also have the opportunity to spend time in a lab researching the materials you’ll be working with.

It can be beneficial for people with anxiety to work in this field because it will keep your mind and body active.

Counterintelligence Agent – Average Pay: $49,855

You may want to think about becoming a counterintelligence agent if you’re looking for an army position that is both mentally challenging and extremely interesting.

You must be approved for Top Secret clearance because the nature of your work will require a high level of secrecy. It is one of the best jobs in the U.S. Army.

In order to analyze forensic evidence and eliminate threats to national security, you’ll work both domestically and abroad.

You have a wide range of career options available to you after leaving the military, including employment with the CIA, FBI, NSA, or other private sector organizations.

Satellite Communications System Operator-Maintainer – Average Pay: $52,267

Operator-managers of satellite communications systems make respectable salaries each year, but in most cases, you’ll also be eligible for a sizeable sign-on bonus.

Up to 18 weeks of specialized training will be given to you so you can learn more about satellite communication. Once at work, you’ll strive to keep communication channels open at all times.

You may find employment with airports, police forces, or even phone companies after leaving the military.

Such businesses as T-Mobile and CISCO Systems are among the many that employ formerly serving personnel.

Radar Repairer – Average Pay: $18,000

Establishes and maintains equipment logs and modification records, performs equipment inspections and tests, repairs, removes, and replaces damaged parts and components, and troubleshoots assemblies and elements for flaws and malfunctions.

Cyber Operations Specialist – Average Pay: $108,748

Consider these experts to be the infantry, but on the electronic front.

To provide cybersecurity to the US military, cyber operations specialists oversee both offensive and defensive operations.

They also carry out fundamental IT tasks, such as supporting the upkeep of secure routers and firewalls to prevent security breaches.

You’ll need to invest up to a year in specialized technical training to master coding and hacking skills if you want to be successful at this well-paying job.

Though you’ll be prepared for a prosperous career once you leave the military because government organizations, like the FBI and NASA, are constantly looking for talented individuals with the kind of experience you can only acquire in the military.

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What Is An Army MOS?

Military Occupation Specialties is abbreviated as MOS. For enlisted soldiers, the US Army offers 190 MOS positions in 190 different branches or fields that correspond to similar specialties.

Best Jobs In The U.S. Army 17 Highest Paying Jobs
Best Jobs In The U.S. Army: 17 Highest Paying Jobs

Entry-level Army Jobs With The Highest Pay

All enlistees receive the same basic entry-level pay, but some may be eligible for additional compensation. Special Duty Pay may be available to soldiers performing duties that require more effort or extra responsibility. For working in difficult conditions, some people are eligible for hardship duty pay. Additionally, there is Flyer Pay for pilots and non-pilots who work on military aircraft, as well as Diving Duty and Sea Pay for service members who are fluent in a necessary foreign language.

Soldiers who work in certain in-demand positions might be eligible for active duty enlistment bonuses. From $5,000 to $40,000 is their price range. Although a MOS with higher pay may be enticing, keep in mind that the Army will ultimately decide whether to assign you to that position. One of these MOSs must show up in your ASVAB results for you to be eligible for it. See more about Best Paying Jobs In Broadcasting

How Does Compensation In The Army Work?

The starting pay for the majority of active duty Army enlisted soldiers is the same. After four months of employment, that was $20,170.80 annually as of 2019. The first four months of basic combat training have slightly lower pay. After six months of employment, pay increases (to $22,608 in 2019) and rises steadily with years of experience.

This base salary is only the beginning of military pay. Housing for soldiers and their dependents, stipends for food, and health insurance are also included. Enlistees in the Army may receive lower basic pay than those in civilian employment, but overall compensation may be higher when all expenses are taken into account.

How Does Compensation In The Army Work?

The starting pay is the same for the majority of active duty Army enlisted soldiers. After the first four months of employment, that was $20,170.80 annually as of 2019. Pay is slightly less during the first four months of basic combat training. After six months of employment, pay increases (to $22,608 in 2019) and rises steadily with years of experience.

This base salary is just the beginning of military pay. Housing for soldiers and their dependents, stipends for food, and health insurance are also included. When all expenses are taken into account, those who join the Army may receive higher overall compensation even though their basic pay may be less than those for jobs in the private sector.

Average Salary For Military College Graduates

The United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy, and United States Military Academy at West Point are among the country’s military colleges.

These colleges offer specialized degree programs that train graduates for military careers. To become an officer, you do not, however, need a degree from a military college. An officer career may benefit from having a degree from an accredited college or university.

For enlisted rank, warrant officers, and commissioned officers, military pay is based on rank and pay grades rather than on the institution of higher learning.

After Graduating, How Do You Get A Job?

After college, you can follow a number of routes to increase your chances of getting hired for a military career.

Think about enrolling in a service academy or senior military college. The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program at a traditional college or university is a worthwhile alternative.

Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a third choice and is available for the Army, Coast Guard, or Navy. The Marine Corps refers to this as the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC), whereas the Air Force refers to it as Officer Training School (OTS). According to Today’s Military, OCS is open to both traditional college graduates and enlisted service members who want to advance to officer positions.

Between 9.5 weeks (Air Force) and 17 weeks (Coast Guard), officer school programs train graduates to join the respective service branch as an ensign (Coast Guard, Navy) or Second Lieutenant (Army, Marine Corps, Air Force). These O-1 officers receive a base salary of $3,386 per month with less than two years of experience.

Graduation from a military college or university ensures job placement and eliminates the need for additional training in an officer school. For instance, graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy receive both a bachelor of science degree and a commission as an ensign in the Navy or second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

A military college or university is the most cost-effective option available: it is free. All graduates must, however, fulfill a service requirement that varies by branch. The Coast Guard, Navy, and Merchant Marines, for instance, all demand five years of service.


The U.S. Army offers training for positions in more than 150 career fields, or Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), as they are known in the armed forces. You will have a choice when you enlist, but your options will be determined by how well you perform on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). Everyone who decides to enlist in the US will have to pass this test. military must take. It evaluates people’s abilities and assigns them to MOSs in their branch of service.

Thank you for reading.

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